How to keep customers happy during hotel renovation?

There are plenty of things that can actually go wrong during any hotel renovation process. Resort owners often think that securing appropriate budget, finding the best, most professional remodeling crew and drafting reasonable schedule is a surefire way for success. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. For starters, you have to mind your customers’ attitude. If you run a seasonal place that’s not so much of a problem as you can simply close the hotel during renovation.
Unluckily, most places cannot afford the loss of revenue, so they stay open during the whole remodeling process. Actually, the problem doesn’t lay in obstacles, noise, unusable facilities and so forth. The real issue is lack of information. Customers are treated to the views and sounds of a building site upon their arrival. Such situation does more harm than stating flat out ‘yes, we are in the middle of hotel renovation but we do our best to keep disruptions to a minimum’.

Hotel renovation project and customers’ expectations

As far as customers’ wellbeing is concerned, keeping them in the loop during the hotel remodeling process isn’t the only thing, resort owners neglect. While changing the places décor, they often toy with designing ideas that visitors find unappealing if not completely revolting. Of course, there might be nothing inherently wrong with your hotel renovating project nevertheless it won’t suit your typical clientele tastes and needs.
Middle-aged couples, families with young children, successful executives, all of them have completely different requirements and expectations. If all of sudden, you turn everything upside down but still keep targeting the same group as before then there is slight chance than you succeed. Most people are creatures of habit and hotel remodeling isn’t an exception here. Professional hotel remodeling company is vital but for changes to be appreciated, they have to be appropriately communicated and address the customers’ needs.

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