Exterior Work

While many hotel renovations focus on the interior of the building, we also do extensive work on exteriors. Options to consider when looking at exterior remodeling include roofs, gutters, woodworking, signage, trafficable joints, special applications (like sealants and adhesives), and landscaping. We have specialized contractors for each of these jobs and can improve the structural integrity and durability of your hotel just as we beautify it.

Since you’re a hotel owner, you’re probably thinking mostly of your customer’s comfort. While upgrading interiors is great, these exterior renovations can have just as much impact. Consider the impact a quiet roof or well-insulated walls could have on your customer’s stay. Imagine how much nicer your hotel could be with a beautifully landscaped garden rising up to greet your customers. There are so many ways to improve the exterior of your hotel and Hotel Renovations can do it all.